Southern-fried gets Northern edge

Whereas, a late-afternoon craving for fried chicken would usually result in students’ rushing to Guthries’ full parking lot or booming drive thru, they are now being led to 1603 W. Tennessee St. The new restaurant, Hip Hop Fish & Chicken, offers Chicago cuisine with fresh and unique flavor.

The family that has owned and operated J & J Fish and Chicken in Chicago for 25 years has ventured south to bring their delicious chicken and seafood recipes to Tallahassee.

The seafood entrées include perch, whiting and catfish. A catfish nugget dinner with a side of spaghetti, although a strange combination to many southerners, is a commonly ordered dish at Hip Hop.

In addition to a variety of fish and chicken, oysters, shrimp, okra, and desserts like peach cobbler, cheesecake and banana pudding grace Hip Hop’s menu.

True believers in value, Hip Hop gives a lot of food for a little money.

A small chicken tenders meal, which includes fries, coleslaw and two slices of bread for only $5.58, is equal to a large chicken meal at any other place.

Hip Hop definitely has its perks. However, like any thing else in the world, it also has drawbacks.

First, the restaurant is located on a hill. If you are not fortunate enough to park in one of the three or four spaces adjacent to the building, then you may have to employ your emergency brake. Otherwise, your trying to quickly reverse out of the parking space to rush home to your meal may turn into a one-car accident.

Second, after you get out of the vehicle, you may feel inclined to cover your face to escape the putrid stench of the garbage dumpster at the end of the parking lot.

Don’t worry, though. The inside is clean and neat and smells like a restaurant (as opposed to the place up the street).

The third nuisance is the wait. At any given time, there can be a long line of people, not to mention the assembly of people sitting down waiting for their orders. It’s frustrating enough to make you want to forget about your order and boldly walk out of the place. But, if you have an ounce of patience, just enough to wait at least 15 minutes, it will all be worthwhile.

Although Hip Hop is located on one of the busiest streets in Tallahassee and just a few blocks from its biggest competitor, Guthrie’s, it has already developed a foundation of faithful customers.

For Chicago natives, the place is a taste of home.

For others, the seafood and poultry spot is a tasteful way to appease a starving stomach.

The verdict: Hip Hop Fish & Chicken is on its way to becoming the premier fried food joint for anyone looking for another place to hang out and eat scrumptious food.

Grade B

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