V oting Anti – Bush Wastes Votes

I understand the point black voters should support candidates that hold black america’s (if thats an acceprable demographic)interest as a priority. But, lets not forget Black Americans are still Americans. What happens to America happens to us as well. Anyone who understands the issues at play in this election in there entirety understands the positions Mr. Bush has taken and how those positions have damaged the reputation, economy, and the intelectual imbalance in this country. While, I could tell you why Mr. Kerry is a better choice for Black America than George Bush, the larger point is Mr. Kerry is better than Mr. Bush for America. Not understanding the issues in this election is a crime if you consider yourself and informed citizen of this country and it suggests a lack of interest in understanding the power communities play in shaping the laws of this country. If you don’t know the issues shame on you, if you don’t vote shame on you again because you owe it (yes that’s right!!) you owe it to our forefathers to make use of the tools they secured for us; but if you use your indecision and uncertainty as a rationale to vote Republican then don’t be angry the next time FAMU can’t get appropriate funding for its budgets & programs or when public schools don’t get enough federal money to pay teachers and to provide books for its students because you voted for the party that has a reputation for bankrupting the poor to make the rich a few more dollars.