Grown, sexy sets new trend

With every new school year, comes a new style of dress.

This year, many students are transitioning to the popular grown-and-sexy style.

Characterized by button-up shirts, slacks and a blazer for men and less revealing, sexy dresses with stylish heels for women, the look is being sported by younger people each day.

The grown-and-sexy craze is not limited to attire.

Many nightclubs, like Deep have ordained “Grown and Sexy” nights, in which jeans, T-shirts and sneakers are not allowed.

Many students attend such events to experience a classy, but casual atmosphere with a more sophisticated crowd.

“People who dress grown and sexy tend to act more mature and intelligent,” said Kaylon Graham, a freshman, nursing student from Tallahassee.

She also said that she would rather attend a nightclub with a dress code.

“I prefer to go to club Deep as opposed to going to Chubby’s.”

Other fads, like the infamous “Throwback” jersey style that once ruled, or the urban wife beater and shorts look, are becoming trends of the past as students head to the malls to transform their wardrobes to match that of their peers, who have already adopted the latest styles. Students also try to match outfits worn by celebrities.

Many male students in their quest to be grown and sexy, are being shaped by the likes of R&B singer Usher Raymond, and Roc-A-Fella rappers Jay-Z and Kanye West. Items such as button-up, collared shirts, pressed jeans or slacks, sweaters, blazers and dress shoes topped off with fitted caps are dominating many college campuses. Also fashionable, is the preppy or “school-boy” style.

The image, which is often complemented by a clean-shaven face and a low haircut goes hand in hand with the grown and sexy appearance.

Guys are definitely going for the Usher look, getting 3-piece outfits with blazers over button-ups and jeans, said Heather Wingfield, a sales associate at Express for Men in Tallahassee Mall.

The grown and sexy look for women is similar to that of the men, with women wearing tweed blazers and boot-cut or capri jeans.

This look is usually combined with stilettos, pumps or a pair of designer boots.

The new look also incorporates a style switch-up in which women wear button-ups with ties.

Accessorized by chandelier or large hoop earrings, clutch handbags and fedora hats, the look is a hit in women’s fashion.

“I support the new trend. It is very stylish and it gives people a sophisticated, yet urban look,” said Jeff Rateau, a junior psychology education student from Miami.

Some believe it’s all about proper decorum.

“They get outfits that they can wear to work as well as to the club,” Wingfield said.

“Being well dressed and neatly groomed is a quality that every woman can appreciate,” Ferrel Drew said.

But, the sophomore business administration student from Dallas said only a few men have embraced the trend.

“I admire the new look and wish more men would accept it,” she said.

Many fashion icons have revealed some of the grown and sexy style in their upcoming lines.

Expected to make a comeback are decorative broaches that Grandma used to wear to church and on special occasions, and multi-colored mink and fur coats.

With so many students sporting the collared shirts with fitted caps or button-ups and stilettos, the grown-and-sexy look has proved to be a definite star-studded and trend-setting fashion.

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