Revamped council set to be voice of students

The All Campus Academic Concerns Council has been reactivated to promote scholastic activity and aid in eliminating communication problems within the colleges and schools at the University.

The Blueprint Administration, led by SGA President Larry O. Rivers and Vice President Virgil Miller, founded the program during the last academic year to foster a better relationship between university administration and students.

The council will be comprised of one representative from each college and school, including the School of Graduate Studies & Research and the College of Law.

Paula Hill, 20, chairperson for the ACACC and secretary of academic affairs for SGA, said the Orlando location of the law school will not hinder communication between the council and the school’s representative.

“We will [communicate with the law school] either by phone, e-mail or fax capability,” said Hill, a graduating senior accounting student from Miami.

Hill said the goal of the council is to consolidate concerns from throughout the school and “bring them to the appropriate officials.”

“I want the ACACC to be the voice of academic concerns for our students,” said SGA President Virgil Miller.

With the help of the administration, he said he would like for the concerns heard by the ACACC to be acted upon efficiently and effectively with further help from SGA.

Hill said the council was given to the SGA’s Department of Academic Affairs to voice the concerns of each student in all of the colleges and schools at FAMU. “Communication is paramount… Although the program started last academic year, there was not a good response,” Hill said.

“I think this new program will be a positive thing for students to have someone else to vent to,” said Dontae Robinson, 23, a senior biology/pre-med student from Cleveland.

Deans resigning and new deans being named are an example of what the program will address said the council’s co-chairperson, Golden Marzett, 21, a first year graduate student studying business management with a concentration in accounting.

In the years to come, Marzett said SGA’s Department of Academic Affairs would like to see it become an electoral process, so that every student will be able to elect representatives to the council.

“We are all stakeholders, and we need to make sure our investment is being managed to the best of our abilities,” Marzett said.

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