ACACC may prove helpful

With miscommunication and poor university-student relations running rampant across FAMU, the reinstatement of the All Campus Academic Concerns Council is a major coup for the student body.

The organization is devoted to eliminating communication problems within the colleges and schools of FAMU and promoting scholastic activity.

SGA President Virgil Miller’s insistence upon the ACACC’s concerns being acted upon “effectively and efficiently” is key to the ideals and success of this endeavor. Previous efforts by the SGA, and other organizations, to bridge the communication gap have been weak, at best.

These attempts, including last year’s initial run of the ACACC, lacked the effectiveness and efficiency about which Miller is emphatic. A lack of visibility and sufficient effort crippled any good the group may have done.

The opportunity to make a significant difference in the operations of the University is present if the council works to erase last year’s failures and takes major steps to gain more than modest student body involvement.

After a year of what could only be viewed as practice, we hope that there will be a better FAMU because the ACACC is devoted to making a difference.

Terror attacks strikes more than Americans

Terrorist attacks in Russia have killed 429 people – hundreds of whom were children – in the last four weeks, and there has been barely a blip on America’s reactionary radar.

Almost three years have passed since the major terrorist attacks on U.S. soil caused the nation to stand up and take notice of terrorist violence. We expected the world to give us their sympathy and assistance in bringing an end to these kinds of attacks. However, as two Russian planes went down and a school fell under siege, Americans have barely taken notice.

The thought of 429 U.S. citizens dying in terrorist attacks would set America in an uproar and call for the world to pay attention, but we have failed to return the sentiment. The fallacy that American lives are more important than any other in the world is permeating through our nation.

If we are truly engaged in a “War on Terror,” that means making an effort to care about all victims of terror attacks. Americans are clearly not winning the war on terror and are on a path to losing the battle to be humane and compassionate.

Get ready for an upsetting Rattler football season

FAMU Athletic director Joseph Ramsey and assistant athletic director for NCAA compliance Jonathon Evans should be second-guessing themselves. Ramsey and Evans collaborated to construct the Rattlers’ 2004 football schedule, which includes four Division I-A schools.

After getting the dog walked on them 52-13 Saturday in Champaign, Ill. by the University of Illinois, the Rattlers have one down and two more demoralizing paddlings to take before they cross over into games they actually can be competitive in. The Rattlers will lineup to face the Green Wave of Tulane in New Orleans on Saturday before traveling to Philadelphia to play Big East cellar dweller Temple September 18.

Tulane will be hungry after suffering a 28-7 loss to Mississippi State and Temple put up 14 points in the second half against the no. 20 Virginia Cavaliers.

After a two game home stand versus Virginia Union and Nicholls State, the Rattlers will receive quite possibly the most outstanding whooping in the history of competitive sports, when they travel to Blacksburg, Va. to play Virginia Tech on October 16. Hey, at least Marcus Vick isn’t playing.

FAMU’s season will thankfully be over November 27 with the Orange Blossom Classic.

When it’s all said and done the Rattlers will have gotten tapped by some of the finest teams in the country, injuring our gallant players bodies and spirits, and will have nothing to show for it. Thanks for nothing Ramsey and Evans.