Incoming freshman impressed with the Hill

Coming to college is a different world for freshmen. However, freshmen Rattlers were welcomed with open arms and innovative freshmen activities as they took their first walk on the Hill.

Welcome week this year involved a host of various activities including, but not limited to, an ice cream social, a comedy show, Black Power Theatre, which premiered “Breakin’ All The Rules”, seminars, and much more.

Of all the welcome week activities, some freshmen said it is hard to choose one worth remembering.

“Move in day was the best experience I had on campus during welcome week. I liked the way the upperclassmen helped the freshmen move in,” said Syreeta Williams, 17, a freshman from Atlanta. “I also appreciated Dr. Gainous’ help. I could not believe he actually was physically moving people in. It gave me appreciation for the staff, and showed me Dr. Gainous really cares about his students.”

Latoya Griffin, a freshman from Miami, enjoyed a more relaxed activity.

“The ice cream social was cool, it was laid back and fun, Griffin said. “All the events were fun. It gave me a chance to meet new people. I made many new friends attending them.”

This year, there were a lot more events targeted toward freshmen unity on campus. The theme of welcome week 2004 was “Welcome to Hollywood on the Hill.” The Office of Student Activities and New Student Orientation combined weeklong activities that were well organized and appreciated by the many students, both new and old.

“There was a noticeable difference between this year’s welcome week activities compared to my freshman year,” said Arnika Frazier, 20, a junior from Jacksonville. “It was well organized and the activities were creative and opened the freshmen up to their new surroundings.”

“My favorite event was the Hypnotist/Comedy show. Being on campus you tend to see the same type of events done over and over. The Hypnotist/Comedy Show caught the audience by surprise, it was very entertaining,” Frazier said.

Besides the welcome week activities, some freshmen said they have had a positive first impression of the University. Moving in was a success as well as the new financial aid process.

“My financial aid experience worked out smoothly, getting my financial aid finished was the best thing that has happened,” said Marcus Williams, 18, a freshman from Atlanta.

“I like Florida A & M because I get to interact with people of my culture, and build new friendships. That is one of the reasons I choose to attend this University, and my welcome week experience proved I made the right choice.”

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