Greetings editors of The Famuan. My letter is not really a letter, but more of a request. Recently I read a letter to the editor of Tallahassee Democrat that detailed the proposed FAMU TCC partnership. As I read more information about the proposed partnership I grew concerned that this “partnership” is not in the best intereast for FAMU. As an spring 2004 graduate, I have always heard rumors that FAMU would be acquired by Florida State and become Florida State South. Wouldn’t it be something if we were so focused on Florida State Busting through the front door to loot and plunder FAMU, that TCC sneaks through the back door and does just that in their quest to become a 4 year college/University.

I’ve said all of that to ask this question: would it be to much to do a front page article on this topic and present the facts in a simplified form? I mean if not to grab the attention of the administrators and let them know WE KNOW what they are doing but moreso to inform faculty,alumni and the surrounding community what will happen to FAMU and to at least let the students know that there might not be a FAMU for their younger siblings and cousins to attend. I mean TCC- South doesn’t really sound that bad, does it?