Senate ends session

At the final meeting of the 33rd Student Senate, several student leaders were confirmed for key positions within the executive branch for the next school year.

Phillip Hamilton was confirmed as chief of staff, Kimberly Peck as secretary of student welfare and Tony Pearson as deputy surgeon general.

Prior to their confirmations, the students received an enthusiastic endorsement from SGA vice president-elect Keneshia Grant.

“All of these students are qualified and I urge [the senate] to vote in the affirmative,” Grant said.

The students were each asked specific questions by senators hoping ing to gauge their knowledge of executive branch protocol and the extent of their plans for improvement.

“I look forward to working with the qualifications and talents of others within the executive branch,” said Adrian Jordan, who was confirmed as secretary of economic development.

In addition to confirming and presenting the new executive branch secretaries and deputies, the senate unveiled its lineup of 2004-2005 leadership.

Sophomore Sen. Ramon Alexander and freshman Sen. Jessica Larche were introduced as senate president and senate pro-tempore elect, respectively, and facilitated the meeting.

During the community forum of the meeting, newly elected Mr. FAMU, junior Sen. Ryan Morand came before the gallery to gain support for a vital member of the SGA system.

Morand addressed the senate about making provisions to increase the salary of Alice Mathis, director of student activities.

“Ms. Mathis’ salary is not acceptable for the work she does,” Morand said.

Although Morand would not disclose Mathis’ current salary, he did express the timeliness of the situation and the importance of the issue.

“We need to take care of home and make sure she’s taken care of,” he said.

Senior Sen. Karl Riley II came before the senate to inform them of the recent meeting that he and other student leaders had with university President Fred Gainous concerning funding.

Riley, along with SGA President Larry O. Rivers, senate president-elect Ramon Alexander and freshman Sen. Carey Goins spoke with the president about the need for an increase in Student Activities funding, which is currently suited for 10,300 students. The propose changed would include 11, 300 students.

Riley said the students and Gainous hope to involve Mathis and Student Affairs Vice President Patricia Green-Powell in the process.

Riley said, “I hope that the budget can increase every year that the student enrollment increases.”

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