Troupes take turn in service

Members of modeling troupes are often thought of as runway-strutting, action-posing, inventive clothing-wearing fashion statements. Their extravagant shows normally attract a large number of people. However, compared to other campus organizations, some students said modeling troupes do nothing more than put on a show.

Rosalynne Jones, 18, said modeling troupes on campus do not contribute to the community.

“The only time you hear from them is when it’s time for their show and they want you to buy tickets,” said Jones, a freshman biology student from Washington. “They don’t do anything for the community.”

Kristen Snell, a freshman marketing student said modeling troupes should be active in the community.

“I don’t know if modeling troupes do things outside of the shows they put on,” Snell said. “But it would be nice to see them do other things for the community.”

Although they often go unseen, the good deeds of the modeling troupes actually occur around the Tallahassee community.

Chelvert Wellington, 21, the president of Faces Modeling Troupe and a four-year member, said Faces does participates in community service.

“We’ve done Relay 4 life, [community service at the] Walker Ford Community Center and clothing drives for Goodwill,” said the senior business administration student from Miami.

Edward Chappelle, a member of Elite, a modeling troupe at Florida State University, said Elite is also involved in the community. The 19-year-old sophomore general studies student from Mitchelville, Md., said Elite has hosted the Halloween Haunted House for children and free car washes.

Brittni Pitts, a member of Epicurean Modeling Troupe said the troupe assists with the local Boys and Girls Club, has participated in Relay 4 Life and cleaned the streets of Tallahassee among other community service efforts.

“We assist Good Will with restocking clothing,” said the sophomore chemistry student from Montgomery, Ala.

Tamika Burton, a 20-year-old sophomore biology student from Washington and a model in Images Modeling Troupe, said fashion shows are not the only thing on Images’ agenda.

“We do little shows for churches and around the community for whomever asks,” said Rasheed Crawford, a fashion coordinator for Images.

The 21-year-old senior fine arts student said the troupe helps other campus organizations as well.

“We also do shows for on-campus groups who ask us to help with whatever they are doing,” he said.

Contrary to popular belief, these modeling troupes are more than just high-fashion people with dynamic turns and sassy switch-outs.

Burton said,” Regardless of what most people believe, we do whatever we can to help in the community.”

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