Senate revisits budget

The student senate voted to override SGA President Larry O. Rivers’ veto of its 2004-2005 Activities and Services budget Wednesday.

The budget that had been approved by the senate two weeks ago was sent back by Rivers late last week.

Rivers said he sent the budget back with a few changes. He said in the changes, he vetoed the Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor Society total operating budget and increased the amount.

Rivers also increased the SGA Executive Branch Other Personal Services budget. Rivers said the proposed increases for both budgets would have decreased the General Entertainment budget to make up for the difference.

Freshmen Sen. Jessica Larche said many senators were “disappointed” by Rivers’ decision. Despite the veto, the A&S budget will pass because of the senate’s override.

“This budget reflected the wants and needs of the students,” said Larche, a political science student from New Orleans.

Other senators agreed.

“Although the senate voted to override President Rivers’ veto, I am confident that the final budget will fulfill its purpose of best serving the student body,” said freshman Sen. Kumasi Aaron, a business administration student from Sebring.

Two bills that were proposed by senators in past weeks were tabled and will be discussed during next Monday’s senate meeting.

Sen. Ramon Alexander and Sen. Warren Carmichael collaborated in proposing one of the tabled bills, which will further develop a department for graduate affairs.

Sen. Tara Crawford’s proposal to expand the qualifications for applicants for Royal Court escorts was also tabled.

Sen. Jasmine Blanks circulated a petition during the meeting in an effort to make Royal Court escorts elected officials. Mr. and Miss FAMU and the King and Queen of Orange and Green are currently the only elected Royal Court positions.

Blanks said holding elections for escorts would give students total control in deciding who will be their Royal Court representatives. Crawford plans to pull her Royal Court qualifications bill and shift her energies to backing Blanks.

“I plan to resend my bill because Sen. Blanks’ petition can accomplish the same thing,” Crawford said.

With the semester closing, several senators recognized the efforts of the various committees within the senate. The meeting served as a forum to senators wanting to give thanks for the work done this year.

Outgoing Mr. FAMU Teddy Goyins, came before the senate to express the importance of the Strikers and Mahogany Dance Troupes, who just returned from their annual Excursion show in Miami.

Goyins said the dance troupes are extremely valuable in recruiting for the University.

The troupes were commended for the positive exposure they give students who are interested in the University throughout southeast America.

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