FAMU Announcements


FAMU DRS is calling for all FAMUans, alumni, supporters to restore and document the history of the school originally known as the Lucy Motin Training School. For more information, contact Theresa Shotwell at 599-3564.

SGA is accepting applications for a senior senator position for the 2004-2005 school year. For more information, call Alex Harris at 228-0999 or 599-3624.

The FAMU Chapter of Habitat for Humanity is collecting empty ink cartridges for the remainder of the semester. Please look for baskets to place empty cartridges in around the Media Center, Career Center, Financial Aid Office, Registrar’s Office, SBI Computer Lab, and various locations within Tucker Hall. For more information, contact Kevin Thompson at 402-9749.

The Jacksonville Student Alliance is looking for anyone who can sing, rap, dance or other form of talent to participate in “Springfest.” Please contact Seline Washington at 523-1108 for more details.

The Student National Medical Association presents the Ghana Medical Mission Campaign and “Touch 1000 Children” initiative to ensure that 1000 school children of Ghana, West Africa have the opportunity to achieve academic success. For more information, contact Eunice Cofie at 894-8598 or Ariana Burgess at 915-4512.

International Library Survey. FAMU’s first annual LibQUAL+ (Library Quality) survey begins today and run through April 30. Eligible participants are current FAMU students and faculty. Participants will automatically be entered into a drawing for great prizes such as airfare, cash, meals, FAMU gear and more. For further details contact Ruth Swan at 599.3370.

The Beta Alpha Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. is looking for poets, painters singers, rappers and other performing artist to take part in a talent showcase. For more information contact Charlayne Haying at 309-1212 or Niela Fields at 878-5964.

The One FAMU Association is now accepting applications for its SGA External Audit Committee. The board will be conducting an unbiased survey of current student government officials. For more information, contact Damita Davis at 915-4112.