Senate approves town hall meeting

Making an attempt to bridge the gap between the administration and student body, the student senate passed a bill Monday approving a town hall meeting with President Fred Gainous.

The meeting, organized by the Men of Distinction, is scheduled for next Monday at 6 p.m. in Lee Hall. The possibility of such an event has been discussed by the senate for the past two weeks, causing several senators to recognize the Men of Distinction for their diligence.

“On behalf of the senate and student body of Florida A&M, I truly commend the persistence of the Men of Distinction on the president town hall”, said freshman Sen. Jessica Larche.

According to members of Men of Distinction, the meeting is aimed at giving students the opportunity to directly address their concerns. Similar concepts have been proposed, but the scheduled meeting will be the first such event in several years.

“These gentleman saw a need and addressed it,” Larche said.

The senate also addressed final budget allocations of the semester Monday. The senate voted to pass a proposal to award Essence Dance Theatre $1,000 for next year. Having addressed most of this year’s funding requests, the senate is not expecting many organization proposals.

“As we allocate the last of the dollars in the account for this semester, I am proud of the allocations the senate has made this semester.,” said freshman Sen. Candice Elliot.

“We have allowed several organizations to bring positive programming to our University”, said the business administration student who will serve as election reform liaison next year.

After being proposed as new business during the March 29 senate meeting, a bill that would formally recognize the efforts of the 2003-2004 Men’s Basketball Team was passed.

The bill, which is titled “2003-2004 MEAC Champions & History Makers,” was authored by freshman Sen. Kumasi Aaron.

“I am pleased that the senate is recognizing the achievement of our men’s basketball team by passing this resolution,” said Aaron, a business administration student from Sebring.

The bills to amend the Royal Court qualifications and to establish a Department of Graduate Affairs within the SGA were tabled.

The senate decided to push the issues to Wednesday’s meeting because of next Monday’s town hall meeting.

Charles Sims contributed to this story.

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