“Grasping knowledge is always good,” Pearson said.Bond Health Clinic representative Tiffany Welch told students the importance of understanding and making use of health care options available to them. Welch suggested that students and local residents take advantage of the benefits offered by the Clinic, which is located at 710 W. Orange Ave. The clinic offers various health examinations and administers free HIV tests.Welch also said the importance of health education in the black community is vital to the process of making wise health decisions.Welch commended Pearson and the University for their work in health education, saying, “not many other black schools are holding events like this.””Initiatives such as this help to bring out awareness,” Welch said. The information available at the fair impressed many students who were not fully aware of common health risks and issues prior to attending. Aretha Harvey, a political science student from Bradenton, realized the benefit of informing students on health issues, especially those just beginning college.”Many students have strict upbringings and open themselves to serious risk when they start school,” she said. Pearson said health awareness among students is beneficial for the University. The motivation of healthy students is something that Pearson says leads to opportunities.”A student who is unhealthy is not a proactive student,” he said.

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