Strikers display ‘Past, Present, Future’

The Strikers are not just your regular group, they have appeared on the Apollo, and are known for their “striking” dance moves. For the past few months, they have been waiting for their big event. Now, the day has finally come.

Tonight in Lee Hall Auditorium, the FAMU Strikers Dance Troupe will present their annual Excursion.

The show’s theme, “The Past, Present and Future,” was chosen to pay tribute to the 10 original Strikers and to recognize the up-and-coming troupe members.

“This is our 15-year reunion and we’re doing a lot of dances that the original dancers pioneered,” said Tallie Brinson, a sophomore music education student from Atlanta.

The reunion will bridge the previous dancers and older dance routines to the current routines and the new troupe roster.

Rashad Brown, 19, Strikers member and rehearsal director, said the show will highlight different routines and members from the last 15 years.

“It gives an overview of the past,” said Brown, a sophomore physical therapy student from Miami.

Approximately 25 former members are expected to attend. Some of them will perform with current members.

But the show will demonstrate the Strikers’ range of techniques and styles.

The opening dance, choreographed by Terrence Green, is an African and gospel piece.

“We’re trying to broaden our horizons and try other cultural dance forms,” said Brinson, the vice president of Strikers and rehearsal director.

The dance is a company piece, featuring Mahogany Dance Troupe, the Strikers’ sister dance troupe. During the fall semester, Mahogany presented a show in which they performed routines that included their brothers.

NeShae Williams, the artistic director for Mahogany, said it does not really matter whose show it is because both troupes contribute to help each other.

“Everybody has an equal part,” she said. “We all have been working hard.”

Additional routines include traditional hip-hop pieces. The Strikers will perform to the sounds of popular commercial songs such as “Head Bussa,” by Lil Scrappy and “Game Over,” by Lil’ Flip.

Strikers’ President Herold Macajoux, 21 said the Excursion is a showcase in which the dance troupe will express their artistic ability.

“Each routine has its own unique signature or twist to it,” the junior economics student from Miami.

The “Retrosplack” routine will take the audience back with Another Bad Creation’s “Aisha” and Tevin Campbell’s “Break It Down.”

“This is the main event,” said Parnell Williams, 18-year-old freshman from Miami.

Williams, who is also a member of the Marching 100, has been dancing for more than four years, but this is his first Excursion show.

“It’s like the Superbowl,” said the criminal justice student.

NeShae Williams said the show has a definite variety of pieces.

“The show is very well-rounded,” she said. ” It’s entertaining and powerful.”

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