Rattlers poised to take title

FAMU’s men’s team is ready to heat up the track.

After winning the MEAC indoor Championships, their first title in five years, the men’s track team has their eyes set on a heftier prize – the 2004 outdoor conference championships.

James Amune, the pilot of the team that keeps this well-oiled machine running, said the team’s main focus is getting healthyand going back to nationals.

“I think we have a chance to come in top three at nationals.” Amune said.

“I’m healthy but we’re taking the proper precautions for me to remain healthy.”

Last year, the men’s 4×100-meter team ran a blistering 39.45 but is now dancing around a 41.04. Coach Rey Robinson, who is a father figure to some of the guys, has big plans for his team. ” We will tryand make a bid for the qualifying standard at the regional championships.” Robinson said.

As the season continues, members of the team expecttheir times to improve, as they get closer to regionals, in May. “We had a3:11 and I think we can get it down to a 3:05 -3:06 this year.” Amune said.

With the 4×400-meter relay team winning the title at the Gator Indoor track and field Invitationals at the Universityof Florida with a time of 3:20:37, the team said they can and will do better.” Everything comes at a price and if you don’t work for it you will never achieve your goals,” said Roderick Peterson, winner of the 400-meter hurdles.

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