Organization examines music industry

ith numerous independent album posters plastered on trees and walls around campus, it is obvious that people are diving into the music world.

Many aspiring artists make this move without a real understanding of how the business works. A group of University students realized this fact and hope to make a change.

A new organization on campus, A Network of Our Own, aims to help students interested in the music industry kick-start their music career.

The organization held its first full meeting March 22.

“Our first meeting was a success and we had students from all majors present,” said Sean Woods, 20, vice president of the organization.

During the meeting, Woods said students were actively exchanging the details about their progress into the entertainment industry.”Students were able to share ideas on how to get in the business. They shared books showing how to make their way in the business; some said they were in the process of starting their own record label,” said the junior public relations student.

The president of the organization, Ayanna Richardson, 20, said the meeting covered several topics.

“The discussion topic for the meeting was ‘Intro to the Industry’,” said Richardson, who also founded the organization. “The meeting focused on exactly what the music and entertainment industry is, effective ways of networking and making the most out of your contacts and professional relationships,” Richardson said.

Richardson said the group aims to help students interested in the music business by bringing in established talent for them to interact with, as well as conducting workshops and host talent shows.

“Our first major event will be held in April and it will be a talent show and a block party. We will also be on the Set on April 9, to hand out applications to students,” said Richardson, a junior public relations student from Detroit.

According to the group’s adviser, Diron Holloway, assistant professor in the department of music, this organization will be a steppingstone for FAMU students who are interested in the music industry.

“We will expand careers for our students by having events to bring people in the business to campus,” Holloway said.

“This will help our students get their feet in the door.”

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