US in jeopardy

Many Americans are upset by the seemingly useless efforts and money wasted by President George Bush for the war in Iraq.

Most are quick to comment on the stalemate confronting American soldiers in the Middle East.

However, Democratic presidential hopeful John Kerry seems to think differently. Kerry has officially said his Republican adversary is “big on bluster and short on action” when it comes to the defense of the United States.

Kerry points out that Bush is full of talk and cash, but the resources being invested in homeland security are not being allocated properly.

He has the right idea. The role of the American president involves protecting the interests of his own country’s citizens first and foremost. His proactive attitude toward the welfare of our nation is refreshing, especially since his concerns are certainly not unfounded.

Kerry thinks that more funds should be dedicated to state-of-the-art equipment, as well as expert training programs that will help better prepare policemen and firefighters in major cities for retaliatory measures, for instance, instead of exclusively arming our military.

Clearly, the lack of forces and training needed to prevent the events of Sept. 11 were a prime example of Bush’s negligence in “taking care of home.” He was forewarned, and his underestimation of potential terrorists and the American public ultimately proved to be deadly.

Additionally, Kerry feels that better cargo screening could be performed in our ports of call, our nuclear and chemical facilities should be safeguarded, and individual communities across the nation should be afforded the resources to protect themselves better.

Apparently, homeland security in the president’s eyes means securing the homeland of the enemy instead. However, American armed forces are not widely appreciated over in Iraq; scores of soldiers stationed in Iraq continue to die as a result of their lingering presence. According to CBS News, the U.S. death toll in Iraq has reached nearly 600.

Furthermore, Bush managed to alienate our U.N. allies before occupying Iraq, denying our soldiers much-needed assistance in the struggle for Iraqi freedom. That’s as good as sending them into battle without helmets.

If the fate of the United States is left to Bush and his reactive tactics for another four years, and things continue the way they are, America may very well be doomed.

There are too many battles to be fought and won right here at home-the fight for our safety should be no exception. Homeland security should be top priority.