Local clothing line hopes to create ‘Grimey’ trend

What began as a passion for fashion and an ambition for change, has developed into a career venture for one student.

Joshua Montgomery, a 21-year-old Fort Lauderdale native, started Grimey, his own unisex urban clothing line. Montgomery said he hopes his entrepreneurial efforts will make his apparel a household name.

“I was tired of wearing the same thing everyone else wore. I wanted to be an individual,” said Montgomery, a junior graphic communications student.

Grimey, which got its name from a few of Montgomery’s friends, was created last summer to stand out from other urban clothing lines.

Montgomery said he sparked interest and clientele for his line by simply wearing T-shirts of his own designs with the six-letter phrase displayed on them.

“My clothes differ because they are universal. They appeal to everyone,” Montgomery said.

With an array of styles, colors and suitable prices, Grimey tries to complement both Northern and Southern trends.

Although it’s not available in stores now, with help from his business partner Charles Sims, Montgomery is working to get Grimey distributed online. This marketing strategy will be used because of its easy accessibility to all consumers.

Sims, a 20-year-old history student from Miami, met Montgomery during his freshman year and was impressed with the concept and name of the clothing line.

Already having a background as an entrepreneur when he started a business with his mother, Sims immediately began constructing a business plan for Grimey to follow.

By contacting other companies, gathering information from buyers and constantly reading material on financial independence and stability, Sims has become the mastermind behind the technical aspects of the business.

“The most important part of running a business is making sure it’s done in a smart way,” Sims said.

Sims said he enjoys working with Montgomery and commends him for his idea. He also said he believes Grimey is “untouchable” when compared to clothing lines already available in the market because of its captivating name.

While working on his goal to become a household name, Montgomery is studying the latest trends and creating seasonal and professional wear.

Antwan Sirmons of Images Modeling Troupe said the vibrant and diverse styles piqued his troupe’s interest.

“It was the bright color usage of Grimey’s designs that caught my eye,” said Sirmons, a 21-year-old junior criminal justice student from Fort Pierce. Pierce said Images is always looking for new designers for their hip-hop and urban pieces, but knew immediately that Grimey deserved to be worn on the runway.

Montgomery said he considers himself a trendsetter and said his vision is to revolutionize the urban clothing industry.

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