Campus commute creates crisis

Because of overcrowding and other administrative issues, FAMU was forced to relocate hundreds of students to live in the Cottages of Magnolia and University Gardens apartment complexes.

Students did not choose to live in these locations but because they needed or wanted the campus housing option, they had to comply with the administration’s decision.

Most of the students are freshmen with the occasional peppering of upperclassmen and do not have transportation to get to and from campus for classes and other activities.

What school officials failed to take into consideration is that students need access to the campus not just during the week but also on the weekends.

Countless events take place on the weekends, but those students required to live off campus have no means of transportation to get to their respective appointments. There is no way to get to classes that meet on Saturday mornings. There is no way to get to the library and there is no way to get to the fitness center to work out.

Obviously, the FAMU administration does not want its students to study or get in shape because it is not providing the instruments to do so. If the university’s administration wanted to assist its students, it should have designed a bus schedule that would service the off-campus students on the weekend.

Sure, we all need exercise, and if there is no bus then we can walk from Cottages or UG to get on campus. But when it is cool and raining or burning hot, I know I would not want to walk all the way to campus.

So then, I am going to fail my test because I cannot get to the library to research the necessary material. Would you like to explain my less-than-par grades to my parents? I didn’t think so.

When I called TalTran to see if there were any moves to increase its service to FAMU, I was told the choice is up to the university because there is a contract for the busing and they don’t make the decision.

That’s all good, but common sense would tell the TalTran officials that regardless if it’s FAMU’s responsibility or not, they should suggest extending service through the weekend.

But wait, that means thinking of innovative ideas – definitely too much to ask for.

No student have to go through this because you probably did not ask to live off campus but, unfortunately, we all are thrown bad apples every once in awhile.

Dominique Drake is a sophomore business administration student from Cleveland, Ohio. Contact her at