House of Judah offers alternative to clubs

More than 100 people gathered in FAMU’s Galimore Lanes to fellowship with one another and hear some good gospel music at Friday’s House of Judah event.

The House of Judah, a non-profit collegiate Christian ministry, began in October 2001.

Orrane Smith said he began to notice how many of his friends wanted to have fun on the weekends, but wanted to do it in a Christian atmosphere untainted by fowl language, sexually explicit behavior, alcohol or drugs.

“We wanted to start something where all Christians can have wholesome entertainment,” said Smith, president and founder of The House of Judah. “Not a lot of places here in Tallahassee have that available.”

For more than two years, the House of Judah has provided students with a variety of events such as bowling, skating, pizza parties, formals, barbeques, homecoming events and poetry nights. Each event has a live disc jockey who plays a variety of Christian music including contemporary, rhythm and praise, hip hop, pop, rock, reggae and rap. Also, scriptures and encouraging words are read throughout the night.

Benjamin Young has been coming to the House of Judah since its inception and said he has grown.

“I could be holy and still have fun the way I like to have fun,” said Young, who attends Metropolitan Cathedral and is a Christian rapper.

Young said he wants people to understand The House of Judah allows people to be themselves, yet have fun at the same time.

“Being Christian and contemporary is not a contraction of terms,” said Young, a junior computer information systems student from Mobile, Ala.

The House of Judah has tried to impact the lives of its members. Carlecia Collins, a 22-year-old communications student at Tallahassee Community College is one of them.

“This organization has helped me so much because I can use it as an outlet to witness to so many non-believers,” said Collins, who attends Bethel Missionary Baptist Church and is the vice-president of The House of Judah. “It keeps me around saints because otherwise, you can backslide.”

The House of Judah meets every Tuesday.

“To join, all you have to do is come to at least two meetings, help plan at least two events, and show sincere dedication to the organization,” said Smith, who attends Family Worship and Praise church.

“There has been a lot of praying and fasting for this organization, and it’s not going anywhere,” Collins said.

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