Government must fix bad credit with blacks

With high interest student loans, credit cards and the ability to finance nearly anything, debt is easier to get into than the job needed to pay it all back these days.

After paying your creditors little or nothing, you are given a stamp that follows you for the rest of your life: bad credit.

Then again, the same government that made this credit system seems to have forgotten the tremendous debt it owes the black community.

The United States owes the black community not just for slavery, but for decades of emotional stress caused by denied human rights and racial terrorism. And to be honest, the government hasn’t developed an efficient payment strategy.

Its credit is horrible with the black community. The sad part is that blacks, as creditors, don’t believe they should take responsibility of enforcing collection.

The black community should be furious for being overlooked for so many years when compensation was paid to nearly every other ethnic group that has suffered, even mildly.

The United States gave the Jewish people money after World War II and the Japanese compensation after their unlawful internment.

Blacks received compensation in the form of credit cards and high interest loans. We have every right to complain. When you owe money to a credit card company, they send you letters and call your home.

Since some members of the Caucasian community have the audacity to laugh when the word reparations is mentioned, I am forced to be the first to make the call.

President Bush, your debt is past due. You must set up a payment arrangement, or we will be forced to repossess our share of this country.

A.J. Lowe IV is a senior African-American studies student from Kansas City, Mo. Contact him at