Tallahassee starts to soar

College students and Tallahassee citizens alike can now rejoice because the Tallahassee Regional Airport has at last moved into the new age.

Airport officials announced Monday the addition of Continental Airlines to the list of airlines currently servicing the Tallahassee community.

It is not impractical to think that with Tallahassee being Florida’s capital that it would offer all the amenities, if not more, than any other city in the state. However, that was not the case.

Before this announcement, Tallahassee had seven carriers that provided services, which resulted in fewer available flights and routes. Therefore, the traffic in the airport was unbearable when it came time to travel for holidays or vacations.

The burden of flying options should not have rested on the shoulders of Tallahassee residents. Citizens should have the luxury of flying whenever they choose, within reason, and not worry about selecting between a small group of airlines.

The problem was slightly amended when AirTran came to Tallahassee, but that did not solve the issue. Passengers were still forced to fly at unusual times of the day or put travel plans on hold for a day or two when the flights seemed to be more open.

The addition of Continental is nice; however, I do have one concern with this extra airline. It is only operating two flights and they are both to Houston.

But I guess a baby cannot learn to run until it first crawls, so in due time more flights will hopefully happen.

Dominique Drake is a sophomore business administration student from Cleveland. Contact her at ddidis1@aol.com.