FAMU Announcements

Graduate Feeder Scholars Program has several exciting Summer Research/ Internship programs available to FAMU students. For information regarding eligibility requirements, application deadlines and financial support contact Linda Knight at 599-3505 or e-mail Linda.knight@famu.edu.

SGA Department of Student Welfare is conducting surveys of the Blueprint Administration, now through March 31. Surveys can be completed in the Office of Student activities, the SGA office or at any FAMU housing facility. Contact the Department of Student Welfare at 264-1067 or e-mail dswsga@yahoo.com for more information.

Center for Equity and Cultural Diversity’s “Identifying Issues that Affect Women at FAMU” survey results are complete. To receive a copy of the report or to become a part of the focus group regarding the survey, call 599-3930.

FAMU Section of the National Council of Negro Women will host a Hip-Hop Era Talent Showcase. Applications for contestants are available in Student Activities and must be turned by Friday. For more information, e-mail hip_hopshowcase@hotmail.com.

Applications for the Delores A. Suzenne Fellowship can be picked up in Room 400 Tucker Hall. The deadline is March 1. For more information, contact Stacey Reese at 599-3505 or e-mail Stacey.reese@famu.edu.

Campus Recreation 60-day body makeover has begun and will run through April 4. Sign up now at the FAMU Fitness Center. For more information, contact Lim or Phil at 599-3785.

FAMU Section of the National Council of Negro Women is accepting donations for Oprah’s Angel Network, a charity that raises money on behalf of South African children that have become orphans due to the AIDS epidemic. For more information, contact Stacey Kotei at 656-1359 or Kedra Lamar at 222-0552.

Judicial and Rules Committee will be providing parliamentary procedure training to clubs and organizations as well as interested individuals in the senate chambers. Please contact Keon Hardeman at 251-6369 or 599-3624 to set up a day and time.