Blacks need political strategy

In regards to the upcoming presidential election, I have heard several blacks arguing that voting is a necessity to the survival of the black community. But I am very confused about this statement. I have yet to hear anyone bring forth any substantial evidence noting the changes that voting has made for blacks.

With the split among blacks as democrats, independents and republicans, our voting power is horrendously crippled. So, even if all blacks flooded the polls, it would be ineffective if there were no cohesion in our voting strategies.

It will take more than voting to advance black people. It will take collective voting and activism.

Progressive goals need to be set in the community, and candidates who add these goals to their platform should be the only candidates who are considered for receiving black votes.

Blacks should shed their republican and democrat affiliations and form a more pro-black oriented third party. The only way the black voice can be heard is if we all scream together.

As a people we must learn from our past mistakes. Many past and current politicians have smiled in our faces and passed racist legislation and made racist decisions behind our backs.

As the future generation of black America, we need to develop new political strategies for voting and then put them into action. This is a more effective strategy than voting because of tradition.

Remember, some of the most racist public figures in history have been both Democrats and Republicans.