Recording industry files


ORLANDO – The recording industry has set its sights on Orlando residents who are illegally downloading music from the Internet.

The Recording Industry Association of America has also filed lawsuits against “John Doe” defendants in Trenton, N.J., Philadelphia and Atlanta.

Last month the recording group filed 532 lawsuits against customers of Washington and New York-based Internet providers.


Gay unions face challenges

SAN FRANCISCO – San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom’s decision to allow for same-sex marriages has run into legal challenges Tuesday from people who are against such unions.

Two judges are threatening to render the marriages void. However, much of the city’s gay population is willing to fight and appeal any decision the courts make.

About 2,500 same-sex marriages have been performed since they became permitted on Feb. 12.

The case could end up in federal court because many of the gay and lesbian couples who are getting married are from other states.


Remains found in lion’s den

HOEDSPRUIT, SOUTH AFRICA – A South African farm laborer said his white employer killed a former black employee.

The man said the employer strangled and shot the former employee and told the man to throw his ex-co-worker’s body to the lions.

Other workers at Mokwalo White Lion Project found a man’s skeleton and clothes.

Police are now holding three men on suspicion of aiding in the death. The remains are believed to be those of Nelson Chisale, 38, father of three.

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