First Date brings back memories of laughter

Henry Roth was a man no woman could ever forget. He had charm and a good sense of humor.

There was one problem, though. Henry Roth was afraid of commitment. So for the numerous women vacationing in Hawaii, who wanted a lasting relationship, Henry Roth was off limits.

He was too busy working with the CIA or claiming he was gay, any excuse to send the message he was better off alone.

In the romantic comedy “50 First Dates” Henry Roth, played by funnyman Adam Sandler, works as a veterinarian at an aquarium in Hawaii. While he ensures his animals are swimming properly, he maintains his reputation as the unforgettable ladies man. That was until he meets Lucy Whitmore.

When Henry meets Lucy, played by Drew Barrymore, at a local caf, he figures he can talk her into having breakfast with him. She agrees the first day, but the next day when she sees him again, she has no idea who he is.

Unfortunately, Lucy was in an accident that affected her short-term memory. With no recollection of anything beyond the accident, she believes everyday is Sunday. Her father and brother set up her life so that she lives each day exactly the same, until she meets Henry, who is determined to remind her of her accident and the idea the two of them are in love. The only catch is he has to remind Lucy everyday who he is, because for Lucy, each date is the first date.

Aside from the obvious romantic plot that coincided with Valentine’s Day weekend, “50 First Dates” does not overlook adding humor to make a memorable connection.

Sandler’s amusing presence adds laughs throughout the movie.

His sarcastic wit and angst-filled facial expressions remind viewers of his role in Big Daddy. Adam Sandler reminds us that he knows how to make people laugh.

As for Barrymore, she played the angel role, but left Charlie for the “egg-headed” Sandler. Her switch from action film heroine to a hapless, hopeful amnesiac draw viewers into a story of love that defeats even the weirdest of obstacles.

Along with the help of other cast members, including comic Rob Schneider “Duece Bigelow” and Sean Astin “The Lord of the Rings,” the movie is definitely one worth stepping out for.

It’s ideal for an all girls’ night out, or even for a simple date.

This movie is funny enough to keep the guys laughing and sweet enough to make the ladies remember their first date, if they can.

Grade: A