Blacks, Latinos should unite, fight racism

Blacks and Latinos should join together to become the nation’s largest minority. They have arrived at a point where their existence depends on each other.

According to the Census Bureau, Latinos have replaced blacks as the largest minority in the United States.

Other ethnicities try to look into these diverse cultures and interpret them in their own way. But no other group can truly understand the heartache and pain that has been cast upon blacks and Latinos. Because of this, we should combine forces and educate America about our communities and organizations.

We must understand that freedom and equality cannot be achieved if we are not open to finding a universal means to our existence. Latinos may lack knowledge of black history, but blacks may also not understand the tarnished history of Latinos, either.

Yes, there are major cultural and historical differences, but there is common ground that brings the groups to one level.

As a black person, I am aware of the lower income levels and lower standards of living that affect the black community. But also as a person of Latino descent, I feel that the comparable poverty level just may bring the two ethnicities together.

Both groups, generally speaking, tend to be less educated than the Caucasian population and unemployment rates for the two groups are comparable.

Also, they have experienced analogous adversity and affliction. For example, the school segregation and lynching of Latinos had detrimental effects, as did the hardship which blacks endured during slavery.

The two ethnicities are different in many ways. But if you look back into history, the first successful slave rebellion in the Americas occurred in La Cruz, Mexico -a Latino city. The groups combined, fought and conquered.

The legacies of blacks and Latinos in this country have been entwined for more than four centuries. It’s time to educate and fight discrimination and racism together.

Stephanie Gomez is a junior public relations major from Jacksonville. Contact her at