Gospel artist sings message of love

It may have been a rainy weekend for lovers in Tallahassee, but on Friday night, one woman showered her voice on an audience thirsty for a different kind of love.

Around 8 p.m. gospel singer Ce Ce Winans walked onto the stage at Northwoods Baptist Church. The concert began with performances from the Praise and Worship Team of Abundant Life Ministries, which hosted the event.

The concert was free and open to the public, which explained the variety of people that filled every inch of the church. They were young and old, black and white, but they were all ready to hear the voice of one extraordinary singer.

Accompanying Winans on stage were backup singers and several musicians performing powerful melodies and instrumentals.

The group opened with, “Alright,” a mellow, but upbeat song that captured the audiences’ attention.

After several selections, Winans asked the packed house to take their sits as she questioned them about their lives.

She asked, “Do you know Jesus,” the audience responded with cheers and applause, “Do you really know him for yourself?”

Her questions lead to the song “I am.”

An emotional melody, the song seemed to be particularly special to Winans. As tears rolled down her face, she stared lovingly at her mother who was sitting in the audience.

Her mother, quiet and mild mannered, returned the love her child expressed as a proud smile spread across her face.

After a short intermission, Winans and her back up singers returned in all white attire lighting up the stage.

They performed four more pieces, including Winans newest single, “Throne Room.”

The lyrics -welcome to the throne room/ welcome to the place where it all got started- invited the audience into a comforting mood that led to the closing song “Jesus, You’re Beautiful.”

The eight songs of the night came from various albums over Winans six-album career.

The concert was a powerful display of Winans passion to uplift people and express love.

Grade A+

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