As usual: University drops ball with I-AA stir

I’ve been on some sort of registration hold almost every semester since I enrolled at FAMU. Which is why I wasn’t the least bit surprised to hear President Fred Gainous recommended to delay the University’s move to Division I-A football.

Why should this move forward be any different than my progression toward graduation?

To tell the truth, I didn’t have much faith in the plan from the beginning. I hoped and wished, but I wasn’t convinced.

Imagine how cool it would be if FAMU played University of Miami and won.

Unfortunately, like my registration, those plans were put on hold. Thanks to a little something I like to call mismanagement – a lack of research coupled with little to no communication between those in the athletic department and administration.

Once again, the University’s administration has fumbled the ball.

I am currently enrolled in a Principles of Management Course. One value that my professor stresses in his course is planning: “One must establish a coordinated effort, to reduce uncertainty, and waste.”

Speaking of waste, five key transfers from Division I-A schools who arrived before FAMU applied to move up were rendered ineligible for the 2003 season.

Does anyone remember the convocation during the fall when President Gainous said the move to Division I-A is a University-wide move up?

Yeah, right.

As the late, Barry White said, “Practice what you preach.”

Last Tuesday the Board of Trustees decided to follow the president’s lead and delay the football team’s move to Division I-A.

I sat in on the trustee meeting and heard a lot of good points for both sides.

But the bottom line is our administration has gone back on their word.

Who is to say that after this recent renege the NCAA will ever want the University to move up?

Criticizing J.R.E. Lee III or Gainous alone, will not fix the problem.

Action must be taken. If heads must roll then so be it. I’m tired of waiting.