The Pick

Who designed it? Old Navy

What is it? Devil-Cupid Boxers. These lightweight blue cotton boxers have pictures of red devilish cupids and gray clouds. They also have spacious leg room that stops right above the mid thigh, and a stretchy waistband. They come in sizes S-XXXL.

When did it come out? According to local Old Navy stores, these devilish boxers were first marketed a month ago in preparation for Valentine’s Day.

Where can you get it? They are sold at local Old Navy stores on Governor’s Square Boulevard or at Tallahassee Mall on North Monroe Street, and are also available at

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How much does it cost?One pair costs $8.50 or can be purchased with any two other styles for $15.

What do you wear with it? These comfortable cotton boxers can be worn underneath any garment and look good with a white t-shirt or a ribbed tank top.

Who looks good wearing it? Any male can wear these eye-catching boxers, but some women have learned about the comfort of them as well. Ladies can try adding these boxers to their bedtime collection.

When is the best time to wear it? These boxers are a perfect touch for Valentine’s Day. Whether you are at home relaxing in your socks, watching television or sliding them on under your slacks for that special Valentine’s date, these devious boxers will shoot an arrow in any woman’s heart.