Students, faculty, alumni deserve answers

Many people may think I’ve gone over my head or that I should not speak on this. But being a concerned student, with the power to address you – President Fred Gainous – I will exercise my rights.

On behalf of the student body at FAMU, what is going on?

We all know and remember the promises you made at the Presidential Convocation in fall 2003, and we want to know if those promises will be fulfilled?

I understand that change takes time, but last semester the University went from bad to worse in almost no time and I want to know why.

How is it possible for the 1997 Time Magazine College of the Year to hit rock bottom? Faulty leadership.

How does a University that is the winner of the Honda Campus All-Star Challenge fall into a 60-foot ditch? Is it because the University’s administrators have contracted a disease that’s inflated their ego to the size of the sun and has blinded them? Or are they just incompetent? I realize these choices are bias and unfair.

But being unfair, bias and unjust seems to be the only way to get ahead in life – at least that’s what I’ve observed from leaders such as President George W. Bush, Gov. Jeb Bush and FAMU administrators.

Is it silly of me to think that I, a student at this university, would be of more importance than the tuition money I pay? No.

At the Board of Trustees meeting Monday, which lasted almost nine hours if not more, a decision was made as to whether or not the school would become a Division I-A school. Why?

Students have been seeking answers for years from administration about various issues without prevail. To keep students in the dark about what is going on at the University where they spend their money is disrespectful, distasteful, offensive and also hurtful.

I challenge you to let the students know what is really going on. What is happening to our University?

The ball is in your court.

Also, would you please inform the ingenious persons who decide to turn the lights off at night in Tucker Hall that working students are still there?

Remember, Journey magazine, The Famuan newspaper and 90.5 The Flava Station all operate out of Tucker Hall.