Raise a glass to romantic disaster

The closer it gets to Valentine’s Day I am reminded that until recently my love life was horrible.

There was Kenyon, my first crush. When we were in first grade, he would blow kisses to me from across the room. Whenever I laughed, the teacher would put my name on the board for disrupting her class. Kenyon would just turn away and act as if he was innocent.

Then there was Bobby, the first guy I wrote a secret admirer let and sneaked it in his locker only to be humiliated when he read it in front of the entire class. Afterward, he said, “Man, whoever wrote this is so childish.” We were 12 years old.

Oh, I cannot forget Tony, the first person I kissed. Tony was so sweet. Because neither one of us was licensed to drive, he would catch the city bus to my neighborhood just to see me.

But one day, he told me he was in love with a girl who looked just like me, but she stayed closer to his house. He left me for convenience.

I almost forgot to mention Quincy, also known as “Ra,” my first date. We attended the same church. Now I thought, “Finally, a man I can count on. A good man – with a car.” Eventually, he said I was too much of a good girl for him. Years later, he is still singing in the church choir.

So I said to myself, “I give up. I give up.” Then I met this handsome guy, Jason. He held out his hand one day and introduced himself to me. Today he continues to make me laugh, smile and feel special inside.

All of my experiences helped me to understand our lives are filled with trial and error.

Even if situations do not turn out right the first time, the ultimate joy is finding the one thing that truly works.

So, “cheers” to all of those horrible first dates, those breakup to makeups and those left paying the bill – unexpectedly.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Tiffany Pitts is a senior public relations student from Jacksonville. She is the lifestyles editor for The Famuan. Contact her at pittstiffany@hotmail.com