Security equipment should do just that

Eleven year-old Carlie Brucia was abducted in front of a surveillance camera in Sarasota. When she was taken, her abductor turned around and faced the camera. There was also a nametag on the jumpsuit the man was wearing. It wasn’t until after her death that the tag and the perpetrator were identified.

This situation doesn’t make any sense. What is the point of having a surveillance camera if it doesn’t work?

The U.S. government, police, schools and businesses say they are cracking down on crime by placing surveillance cameras everywhere. The only flaw is they don’t work.

Jaime Rodrigo Gough, 14, was killed at Southwood Middle School in Miami. Gough, was found in the boys bathroom in the stall with his throat slashed. Michael Hernandez, 14, has signed a confession admitting he killed his classmate. This school also has surveillance tapes. But as of right now, the police continue the investigation because all of the case information relies on eyewitnesses who say they saw the killer walk out of the bathroom.

Why isn’t there a tape? It’s probably because the cameras don’t work.

I have to question the purpose of these devices: Are they just scare tactics? If so, they obviously aren’t working.

Is someone watching the screen recording the events as they occur? Or are the tapes reviewed later? If the tapes are reviewed later, then there is no point in even having surveillance cameras. With no one watching, anything could happen and the perpetrators could get away, as in the case of Carlie.

In reality, this little girl could have been home alive right now.

Poor Jaime’s murder could have been prevented; especially considering the fact a classmate killed him.

It is a shame that some of the madness that goes on in this country could be prevented if only surveillance equipment worked properly and someone actively watched the images that are recorded.

So citizens, stay tuned to another tragic -yet preventable- mishaps.

This has been an announcement from the emergency “Get Bush Out of Office” system.