Men need to feel special too

The Spring 2004 semester is quickly coming into full swing. And with the spring comes the familiar feelings of excitement and rebirth that time of year brings. One day in particular accentuates the sentiment of the season, Valentine’s Day. Now that Valentine’s Day is less than a week away, the question on the minds of many students is what to get that very special someone on that special day.

Traditionally, Valentine’s Day is considered a make or break event for men. Unfortunately, some guys who go all out are rewarded in return with a small token of gratitude or gesture showing “it’s the thought that counts.”

For some the thought does count, however, the right type of thought will definitely give you the response both you and your partner desire.

“What I’m going to do,” says Jessica Thompson, a 19-year-old freshman psychology student from Fort Pierce “is listen and find out something he (her significant other) most treasures and try to some how make it my own.” She goes on to say, “guys don’t like mushy stuff like flowers, candy and bears. They accept them but do not want them. Guys want something different, not the traditional.”

“What men really want is for you to do something heart felt,” says James Harris. The 20-year-old third-year business administration student admitted the best gift he ever received was when his girl “cooked dinner and pampered him all day.”

Like women, men want a gift with them in mind. Thinking like a man may be the best way for women to pick the right gift.

“Lingerie is basically made for men,” said Victoria Secret sales representative Shamika Baker. Baker said women may want to buy lingerie for themselves to surprise their mate for the evening. “I think it’s a good idea for Valentine’s Day,” she said.

However, Harris said he envisioned a shared gift between him and his funny Valentine to make the day a memorable one.

“The optimal gift would be something the both of us could enjoy.”

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