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You’ve seen the headlines. You’ve heard it on the TV and the radio.

“Child dies after being left in car”

“Parent of 10-month old arrested for child abuse”

I cannot begin to rationalize what could make a parent endanger a child. As a mother of two, I ask myself “What is the definition of a mother?”

Webster’s New World Dictionary defines mother as a female parent and the origin or source of something. That definition means nothing.

A mother is not someone who places her desires before her children’s needs. A mother is one who loves, nurtures and protects her children at all costs.

There is no reason or excuse that can absolve such acts as sodomizing a child or leaving a baby in a car while getting your hair done.

A woman does not receive the name ‘mother’ just because she gives birth. Mothering involves sacrifices – especially of self – love, attentiveness, caring and protecting.

Helen Steiner Rice said it best when she said,”A mother’s love is a sanctuary where our soul can find sweet rest from the struggle and the tension of life’s fast and futile quest. A mother’s love is fashioned after God’s enduring love; it is endless and unfailing like the love of Him above.”

Kaye Dallas is a senior public relations student from Miami. She is the editor in chief of The Famuan. Contact her at