Chivalry separates boys from real men

As I walked to Tucker Hall the other day, I came up to the doorway behind this guy; he opened the door and walked right through it. He didn’t even bother to hold it open for me!

There’s no way he didn’t know I was there-a set of four-inch heels can cause quite a racket on concrete.

It pains me to say this, but I think chivalry is definitely on its deathbed. Simply put, the lack of respect among today’s males is becoming unbearable.

The only reason I can’t say that it’s already dead is because there are a select few young men whose parents sent them here with some basic “home training.” I’d like to send those brothers a shout-out.

But for those of you who don’t see the purpose in slowing down to accommodate a lady every now and then, shame on you. Keep in mind that you get exactly what you give in this world.

I know there are many females out there who seem to take your efforts for granted, as if they are entitled to certain treatment in this world. After all, why should you hold that door open for her if she can’t say, “Thank you”?

It may seem like it’s all about catering to the opposite sex, but the simplest gestures say a lot more about you in the eyes of your own. Believe me, everyone will see who is really in the wrong once you’ve done your part.

But chivalry is not at all about what females think. It is about how you portray yourself in terms of bravery, courtesy and honor.

So remove your hat in the presence of women, state symbols (i.e. flags) and when you enter a building.

Greet familiar people when you walk into a room, instead of making your grand “player-all-eyes-on-me” entrance.

And don’t be afraid to stop and open that door for someone.

Call me old-fashioned, but a little time and effort is what separates the boys from the men.

Karen E. Marsh is a senior business administration student from Denver. She is the deputy opinions editor for The Famuan. Contact her at