House Arrest innovates Chicago dance style

Holding hands with your significant other to a slow jam and twirling each other around the dance floor beneath a starlit sky seems to be the traditional dream of couples on Valentine’s Day.

Nevertheless, someone believed it was time for a different flavor.

Chicago-based House Arrest 2, formerly known as The Explosive Fourth Chapter House Arrest 2 Championship Dance Team, will host the Pre-Valentine’s Day Dance Down Saturday in the Lee Hall Auditorium. What the group has up its sleeve is unlike any other Valentine’s Day dance anyone has ever seen.

“We bring a new style of dance called ‘footwork,'” said Travaris Russell, a member of the dance team.

The troupe, created in 1994, has a total of six chapters nationwide in four states: Alabama, Florida, Illinois and North Carolina.

Dance team members are confident that House Arrest 2 will bring something unique to the Tallahassee area.

“The dance will have a different style,” said Russell, a 20-year-old business administration student from Chicago.

He said the Dance Down is the beginning of the group’s ventures and House Arrest 2 is planning to have more events once they get established.

“Once we get our foot in the door and get the word out about House Arrest 2, we will host more fundraisers and campus activities,” he said.

Guests billed for the event include the Canadian female dancers for Sean Paul. Juan Frazier, the group’s president and a 26-year-old Florida State University student, said there is also a dance competition in the works for Saturday.

“The dance styles will be different and we will have super creative groups,” he said.

Organizers of the event said attendees should expect an unpredictable evening.

The group made an appearance Tuesday night in Lee Hall. Although the group members were special guest performers, many students were under the impression that they was part of the dance competition.

“Their performance was nice and versatile. I really thought they were good enough to compete,” said Kathryn Honor, a 19-year-old student from Bradenton.

For those with a special someone looking for something to do on Valentine’s Day, consider moseying on down to the Pre-Valentine’s Day Dance Down this Saturday.

Frazier said students will not be disappointed if they are willing to try something different.

“This dance will not be like any other, and (students]) should come with an open mind.”

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