Heart Dangle Valentine’s Day Earrings

Who designed them?Claire’s

What are they? Heart Dangle Earrings. These sassy drop earrings feature a red, plastic heart pendant with silver wire backs. Each pendant is stamped with a tiny heart-shaped cutout and measures two inches long.

When did they come out? According to local retailers, these adorable earrings were marketed this month, just in time for Valentines Day!

Where can you get them? The earrings are sold locally at Governor’s Square Mall and Tallahassee Mall; they can also be found online at www.claires.com.

How much do they cost? These earrings cost only $3.25.

What do you wear with them? These cute little accessories complement almost anything red. They can be paired with a matching bracelets or a jumbo stone heart rhinestone ring. Who looks good wearing them?Any girl can impress that special someone with these charming earrings.

When is the best time to wear them?With Valentines Day around the corner, these earrings are the perfect touch.

Whether you are on a date or just want to be that “lady in red” on campus these earrings will bring out the sweetheart in you.

Compiled by Latoya Marshall source: www.claires.com