Local residents demand answers about breast flash

LOCALTALLAHASSEE – Many local callers called in after Sunday night’s Super Bowl halftime show, according to Mike Smith, vice president of news and production of the local CBS affiliate, WCTV. During the show Janet Jackson’s breast was exposed when Justin Timberlake pulled off a piece of her clothing. Callers wanted to know if CBS had any prior knowledge of the exposure. CBS sent its affiliates a letter apologizing for the incident and denying any prior knowledge.

School bell rings SaturdayLOCALTALLAHASSEE – Leon county schools are opening their doors to the concept of Saturday school in an effort to prepare students for the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test. Students have to pass the 10th grade exam in order to qualify for high school graduation. Schools are also graded on the scores of their students. Schools that improve their score by a letter grade will be eligible for an increase in funding.

Device stops drunk driversSTATETALLAHASSEE – A new drunk-driving law is now in effect. The law calls for the placement of ignition locks on cars of serious and repeat drunk-driving offenders. The device forces drivers to give take a breath test to check blood-alcohol levels. If a high level of alcohol consumption is detected, the car will not start or will stop running. Statewide there were more than 69,000 people arrested for drunk driving in 2002, compared to 10,000 in 1999.

Shuttle crew rememberedNATIONALCAPE CANAVERAL – Mourners remembered the crew of the space shuttle Columbia on Sunday. The ceremony marked the one-year anniversary of the accident that claimed the lives of all seven crewmembers. The ceremony, at the Kennedy Space Center, began at 9 a.m., the time that communication was lost between Columbia and the space center. It ended at 9:16 a.m., the time that the shuttle should have landed at NASA’s Cape Canaveral runway.

Stampede kills pilgrimsINTERNATIONALMECCA, Saudi Arabia – A Hajj pilgrimage became deadly when 244 Muslims were killed in a stampede over the weekend. The pilgrims were traveling from the holy city of Mecca to Mina to throw rocks at three stone columns, which symbolize the devil.

Compiled by Rachael ShackelfordSources: CNN.com