Infidelty unveiled

Kobe Bryant’s immense cloud of legal troubles may have grown a silver lining, and not a moment too soon.

Last week, reports surfaced about a Portland, Ore., woman who claims she had an ongoing affair with Kobe Bryant over the course of a few years, with their last encounter taking place last April.

The woman, a room service worker at the Benson Hotel in Portland, has divulged a secret romance with Bryant in which he would specifically request her housekeeping services and proceed to flirt with her.

Several stays in this particular hotel prolonged a semi-intimate relationship and, on occasion, she would share the steamy details with her closest co-workers.

According to her, sexual intercourse was never a factor in their relationship, and the relationship was mutually terminated because she had a boyfriend and, of course, Kobe had a wife and child at home.

Contrary to the picture that Bryant’s Colorado rape accuser has tried to paint, the Oregon woman described Kobe as a “perfect gentleman”.

Furthermore, the fact that her co-workers came forth about this romantic liaison before she did could certainly fuel her credibility.

She said she didn’t want to cause Kobe any more trouble than he was already in. Finally, a proponent for Kobe comes out of the woodwork.

This account does nothing more than confirm exactly what Kobe has been telling the world from the start – he may be quite the “ladies’ man”, but he isn’t a rapist or a brute.

While this information does absolutely nothing to salvage his marriage, it is possible that this new woman’s testimony could very well keep the Eagle County, Colo. judicial system from throwing the book at him.

Kobe is already facing four years to life in prison or 20 years to life on probation as a result of his alleged sexual assault charges.

His life continues to hang in the balance after seven months of grueling court proceedings, excessive media scrutiny, and diminishing multi-million dollar endorsements.

Indeed, this legal mess is destroying the livelihood he has worked so hard to build.

It’s about time someone emerges in Kobe’s corner for a change. The noble gesture of this woman’s claim could potentially provide him some degree of absolution.

Kobe will never be able to reclaim the life he once knew, but at least he might be able to overcome his troubles with a shred of dignity.

Karen E. Marsh for The Editorial Board