Bush’s address filled with partiality

Enthusiastic cheers rang out as President Bush gave his annual State of the Union address. Nearly each time that Bush paused, the crowd shot up from their seats and gave him a standing ovation. Because of this, there were more standing ovations than a night at the Oscars.

With the Republicans giving Bush ovations every few minutes, it seemed like the State of the Union was turned into a 2004 election pep rally.

This year’s State of the Union was biased. The cameras were focused on the majority of the crowd who were jumping up and down in ecstasy over Bush’s speech. Where were those who didn’t support Bush? Clearly, the anti-Bush gang was not in the audience.

This speech was meant to inspire patriotism as Bush outlined the four main goals for the year.

Bush’s goals were: making America safer by winning the war on terror, keeping America on a straight path to a thriving future, building a better health care system and making America “better and more compassionate for all.”

Yet, the goals should have been making America safer by better educating our own criminals, getting America on the right track financially, building a health care system and creating more jobs for the eight million people out of work.

Bush seems to think, I caught Saddam, so I’m a shoe in to win the next election!

I would tread carefully, Mr. President. The democratic candidates are building support against you.

Jessica Burkhart is a freshman English student at Lake City Community College. Contact her at the_sassy_girl_15@hotmail.com.