Senate confirms deputy

With two confirmations and four points of new business, the student senate had much to cover during its short meeting on Monday.

The first confirmation of the night was for the office of deputy electoral commissioner. Bridgette Nance, a senior public relations student from Fairfax, Va., was unanimously confirmed after a three-minute speech and a brief question and answer period.

Also, sophomore Crystal Moore of Tallahassee was confirmed to the office of precinct supervisor, rounding out the night’s confirmations.

“It’s great that the electoral commission is filling out the ranks,” said senior Sen. Karl Riley. “Hopefully, we’ll have a successful election.”

Once the confirmations were complete, the senators proceeded to new business.

With two pieces of legislation on the floor for the first reading, and two pieces on its second, senators listened to bill sponsors’ prospective changes to the student documents.

One piece of legislation, which was written by freshmen senators Alexander Harris and Jessica Larche, requested the “temporary resignation” of members of the electoral board who wish to be “affiliated with a candidate or ticket.”

Junior Sen. Miya Griggs authored a constitutional amendment, which Griggs said allowed for inconsistencies to be clarified.

“This piece of legislation is an attempt to clear up discrepancies regarding the appointments of the solicitor general and the legal council,” Griggs said. “Hopefully with the passing of this legislation clear check and balances can be formed regarding these appointments.”

Other senators concurred with Griggs, saying her piece of legislation is needed to appropriate power in the necessary areas.

“Senator Griggs’ bill is giving the power [of] appointment of the solicitor general and legal counsel to the chief justice of the student supreme court,” senior Sen. Reynaldo Allen said.

A third bill read on Monday clarifies the members of the electoral board. The bill reads, “The members of the electoral board shall consist of the Elections and Appointments Committee, the electoral commission, and all election volunteers.”

The final reading of the night brought a somber mood to the senate chambers.

Authored by freshman Sen. Kumasi Aaron, the resolution titled “Honoring the Devotion of Sgt. Edmund Lee Randle,” recognizes the life of alumnus Edmund Randle, who was killed while serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

With most of the legislation for Monday night’s meeting written by freshman senators, veteran members of the senate commended the new student legislators for their dedication.

“The freshman senators have stepped up a lot,” Riley said. “They’re starting to show some quality work.”

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