Dance film serves up mediocrity

No one expected B2K’s first feature film to be a cinematic masterpiece or even make the teen movie hall of fame, but “You Got Served” was a horrible way for a group, which recently announced its breakup, to be remembered by fans.The movie is set in Los Angeles and focuses on the trials of a dance crew led by David, played by ex-B2K lead singer Omarion; and Elgin, played by Marques Houston. Every week, the group battles other crews for cash prizes and establishes itself as a hip-hop dance powerhouse.But when a member betrays the group to join a rival crew, David and Elgin lose their first dance-off and find themselves outdone and out of money. Matters become worse when David begins dating Elgin’s little sister, Liyah, (Jennifer Freeman from “My Wife and Kids”) and the two fall out. It couldn’t come at a worse time; the group is preparing for a local competition where its reputation and $50,000 are at stake.It’s obvious that “You Got Served” was meant to be a dance film classic, but the lack of decent character portrayal overshadowed all the flips, splits, breakin” and shakin”. Forget “I Need a Girlfriend.” B2K, and every other cast member, needs an acting coach.Maybe B2K gets a pass. After all, they’re known for singing and dancing, but Houston’s attempt to play the protective big brother was over dramatic and cast his character into the land of “wanna be “gangstas”.” Unsurprisingly, his presence uses the film as another opportunity to get exposure by riding B2K’s coattails. Freeman’s failure to execute simple lines in the movie and breathe life into her character made it painfully obvious that all director Chris Stokes wanted was a pretty face.Even experienced actors couldn’t save this film. Although Meagan Good held her own as Liyah’s nosy best friend, Beautiful, her fellow cast members’ awful acting made Good look bad. The best acting came from the wise grandmother who gives Elgin a taste of reality in his fantasy world, where dance is all that matters.It’s not surprising that “You Got Served,” was No. 1 in the box office. For little girls and teenage fans, this might be the last time they see their beloved boy band united.But for others, predictability, mediocrity and bad acting were the only things that got served.

Grade: D-