Do your part: vote

This year will be a hard one. And it’s all because of one thing: elections.

Not only will we vote for our new campus leaders, but we will also vote for our nation’s leader. Every four years, Americans are called upon to organize the leadership of the nation. Does this seem scary? Well, it should be, unless you haven’t registered to vote.

Consider the multitudes of people who urge you to vote. They aren’t doing it for their health. They are doing it for yours. Voting is a privilege that our forefathers struggled for, and one that should be taken advantage of.

The vote for our country’s leader is an extremely important but potentially upsetting event. I’ve heard people say that they wouldn’t vote again because of the injustice that occurred in Palm Beach County in 2000. Yet, it seems to me that we need to focus on the betterment of America. Therefore, my words to you are: vote.

If you haven’t registered, you need to. The democratic presidential candidates are coming to Florida soon. We need to get to know them and what they’re about. So, once you figure it out, do your part and vote.

I can’t tell you who to vote for, but if you honestly believe that the country is in decent shape right now, then George Bush is your man. But if you feel like I do, you’ll vote otherwise.

This has been an announcement from the “Emergency Get Bush Out of Office System.”

Robyn K. Mizelle is a junior broadcast journalism student from Lake City. Contact her at