Make future plans now

Do you really know where you are going with your life?

Among all the students on FAMU’s campus, I have found one fundamental tie that seems to bind all of the students on this campus: no one really has a clue about what they want to do in life.

Are we just sitting around and waiting for life to find us, or just biding our time until we graduate?

What’s the direction or focus of the programs that we take part in if we have no idea what we want to gain from them?

A lot of students say, “I want to own a business,” or “I want to run a restaurant.”

But when asked about the details of these goals, like what type of business, many of us don’t know.

This brings the question to mind: Are these really our goals, or were they instilled in our heads by our parents or others?

The FAMU student population should plan their college careers better, and maybe even push a little harder to get out of school one or two semesters earlier.

Life is waiting, and some of us are still sitting in the background stalling.

Students, don’t get me wrong. I am not telling you to stop pursuing your dreams of owning a business or becoming a doctor.

Just make sure that it is your dream and not the dream of someone else that you are pursuing, so that you are not miserable doing it.

Furthermore, start planning for the future now, so that it’s not just a dream that happens in the middle of the night, but a reality that you created out of the determination of your own mind.

Michael R. Farris is a graduate business student from Atlanta. Contact him at