‘Blueprint’ team fails to produce

Why are the same issues plaguing our campus every year, every semester, every week, every day?

Because there is no accountability, that’s why.

Due to the occurrence of the same issues and situations, one would think that change will soon come, or at least be around the corner.

But I haven’t seen any changes made at FAMU, unless Gov. Bush implemented them.

This makes me question the authority of our SGA president and vice president.

According to the SGA Constitution, the president is supposed to address the student body each year, similar to the State of the Union address that the U.S. president makes every January.

However, I think our president, Larry O. Rivers, has been missing in action.

He fought hard to win his position – overturning decisions and appealing to the vice president for Student Affairs – but it seems as though he’s struggling in the fight to keep open communication lines with the student body. You would think that he would jump at the chance to inform the student body of his administration’s accomplishments, but I haven’t heard a thing.

Is it just me?

I read The Famuan and listen to WANM 90.5 The Flava Station faithfully. I even stick my head in the SGA’s office to see what’s going on from time to time. But I hear more about the Strike Team than I do about the progress of “The Blueprint” administration.

The upcoming elections will be emotionally charged, but fundamentally empty. I certainly hope that SGA hopefuls will not follow the blueprint Rivers and his administration have left.

Larry Love is a senior African-American studies student from Lake Wales. Contact him at LarryLove79@yahoo.com.>/a>