Sleepy Sunday

Waiting for an exciting Super Bowl? Grab a Snickers, as a matter of fact grab two or three.

This year Super Bowl XXXVIII will probably be the most boring anyone will ever witness. The New England Patriots vs. the Carolina Panthers, that’s it? Where’s the intrigue in that?

Approaching the conference championship games two weeks ago, this was the match-up that no one wanted, including the NFL.

Let’s just say that the match-up is a few pennies short of a must see. There is nothing exhilarating about watching two teams battle for field position for four hours.

Sure, the Patriots and the Panthers epitomize the perfect concept of a team, but this game is crying for some type of individuality.

The week off didn’t do any justice for the sake of story lines, either.

For two weeks, the media has been trying to make an interesting story out of Bill Belichick’s sideline wardrobe, quarterback Jake Delhomme’s meager number of passing attempts and Tom Brady being inferior to his three older sisters.

It’s bad when the most recognizable player in the Super Bowl is known for a name that he created in the XFL. It’s worse when the top story in the NFL during Super Bowl week is about a back up quarterback becoming the star of the next “Bachelor.”

Besides the obvious lame story lines, on the field their offenses are just as mundane.

The Patriots are ranked 17th overall offensively and the Panthers are not much better at No. 16. I get weary just thinking about watching two below average offenses.

The Pats running game is ranked 27th in the league and all they throw are those dull five yard hitch passes. But that’s not as dreary as Delhomme advancing his team to the Super Bowl by throwing for 101 yards against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Also, this game is going to be filled with no names as there will be no future hall of fame players on the field and only one player between both of the teams was voted to go to this year’s Pro Bowl.

Since watching the Super Bowl is going to be like pulling teeth without the anesthesia, I’m watching this year’s game just to see the fresh and funny commercials. I am pretty sure the Bud Bowl is going to be a lot more thrilling.

Travon McCall is a junior broadcast student from Clinton, Md. He is the deputy sports editor for the Famuan. Contact him at