Coleman unfit for studying

The girl was sucking her teeth. The guy was raising his voice. The entire room sighed in frustration.

“Whatever man, I don’t care about none of these people in here,” he loudly boasted.

Like clockwork, hails of curses were shot at the couple from the rows of computers.

Welcome to Coleman Library, where the sound of clacking keyboards is not the only thing you’ll hear.

If you are gearing up for intense studying, research or essay writing at Coleman, save yourself the time and stay home.

The increasing noise levels have made it almost impossible to think or focus.

Drama and racket don’t miss any of Coleman’s four floors. Between the countless cell phone conversations, griping groups and smooching couples, it’s a wonder that FAMU has not set up surveillance cameras and started filming their own reality television series.

I have come across too many of these scenarios, and it seems like the work environment at Coleman is not getting better.

FAMU, we all know that we are loud, but can we please tone it down a little?

How can our classmates finish writing their research paper if we are constantly entering the second floor banging on and talking through the partition that separates the lobby from the computer area?

If saying “hello” to a friend means so much to you, then walk up to him or her.

Also, we could all have a good, productive time in Coleman Library if people would just use the lobby or the front steps for private phone conversations.

Study groups could actually use the study lounge and conference rooms. And ridiculously rude people would respect that which is sacred in every library – silence.

Monica Harden is a senior magazine production student from Hockley, Texas. She is an assistant opinions editor for The Famuan. Contact her at