Female bomber sacrifices more than life for cause

Do you ever wonder what the world is coming to?

I never thought the question was actually worth asking until I read the story about the 22-year-old woman from Gaza, who was the first female suicide bomber known to belong to the Islamist militant group, Hamas.

Sent to conveniently breach the security of a male-dominated society, Reem al-Riyashi forced past metal detectors at the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip and detonated a bomb strapped to her body, killing four innocent Israeli in the process.

The worst part is she left a family behind- including two children, ages one and three. She also left her husband of five years, who was oblivious to her radical ties.

In a farewell video, typically left behind by suicide bombers, she left this message with the world:

“I always wanted to be the first woman to carry out a martyr attack, where parts of my body can fly all over…It was always my wish to turn my body into deadly shrapnel against the Zionists and to knock on the doors of Heaven with the skulls of Zionists.”

What kind of sick individual could make a statement like that? Did she ever stop to think what would become of her two small children if she were not around?

Unfortunately, accidents do happen, and, as a result, children lose their parents every day. But Reem al-Riyashi had a choice.

This was one woman who had her ideals completely messed up. She chose to lash out against a group of people who have never done anything to hurt her personally.

And she wasn’t even successful.

To commit such a horrendous act because of a little “bad blood” among Middle Eastern factions was incredibly selfish and inhumane of her.

Reem al-Riyashi had the kind of family that many women in the world would kill to have. But instead, she had to kill.

Karen E. Marsh is a senior business administration student from Denver. She is the deputy opinions editor for The Famuan. Contact her at Karenemarsh303@hotmail.com.