Session uneventful

Shahiedha Shabazz, calling secretary for Hatchet Pre-law Society, addressed the senate at Wednesday’s meeting. The organization requested $3000 for transportation for a statewide tour of Florida law schools. “We’re sponsoring this tour to give FAMU’s Hatchett Pre-Law Society members a chance to experience the atmosphere of law schools all around the state,” Shabazz said. The Bill will be revisited during the next senate meeting. If allocated the funds, students will be able to attend the tour and obtain information on the legal system and opportunities within the law profession.

The dates for the spring 2004 elections were debated at the meeting as well. The original dates for the elections were March 2-4. “The 2004 primary elections for the President of the United States of America coincide with the dates set for our spring elections,” said John Polk, commissioner of the electoral commission.

“The Leon County Electoral Commission does have enough resources and materials to properly assist both elections,” said Polk, 23, a senior accounting student from Fairfield, Calif. The proposed dates are now March 23 – 25.